19th-Century European Art


“Romantic Art, 1760–1860”

“Vital Spark: The Landscapes of Samuel Palmer”

“Emulous of Light: J. M. W. Turner”

“Body and Soul: The Victorian Nude”

“Victorian Photographer”

“Adventures in Photography”

“Close Encounters: Pre-Raphaelite Photography and Painting”

“The Pre-Raphaelites: A Legacy of Beauty”

“An American Collectors Pre-Raphaelites”

“New Home for the Dahesh Museum”

“Gérôme and His Circle in the Middle East”

“Gustave Moreau’s Palace of Art”

“Visual Narrative: Tissot’s Life of Christ

“The Art of the Peacock”

Light! The Industrial Age, 1750–1900: Art & Science, Technology & Society by Andreas Blhüm and Louise Lippincott”

J. W. Waterhouse by Peter Trippi”

“Living with Beauty: William Morris and Design”

“Homegrown: The Paradoxes of International Arts and Crafts”

“The Gothic Revival”

“Fairy Painting”

“The Avant-Garde and the Sea”

Impressionists on the Water by Phillip Dennis Cate, Daniel Charles, and Christopher Lloyd”

“Anders Zorn: Painter of Earth and Light”

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