Contemporary Realism


“Realism, Past and Present”

“Art and Likeness: Realism in the Galleries”

“Keep It Fresh: Contemporary Artists Exploring Tradition”

“Traditionalism Comes of Age”

“Ornament and Illusion: Carlo Crivelli and Contemporary Realism”

“Reviving Iconography: Cristina Vergano and Irene Hardwicke Olivieri”

“Women of Imagination”

“Aphrodite and the Rebirth of Beauty”

“Women Artists”

“Still Life”

“John Pence Gallery: ‘Still Life—An Invitational Group Exhibition’”

“Singing Shapes: Still Life Paintings in the Galleries”

Classical Drawing Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice by Juliette Aristides”

Classical Life Drawing Studio: Lessons and Teachings in the Art of Figure Drawing by James Lancel McElhinney and the Instructors of the Art Students League of New York”

* * *

Steven Assael: Selected Drawings by Arlene Raven”

“Intimate Wilderness: Maine Landscapes of Joel Babb”

“Balthus, King of Cats”

“Still Life as Reliquary: The Art of Wendy Chidester”

“Martha Mary Erlebacher”

“Alan Feltus”

“Linden Frederick”

Milton Glaser nella città di Piero with an essay by Luciano Cheles”

“The Interior Theater of Lani Irwin”

“Philippe Charles Jacquet”

“Jervis McEntee”

“Luis Melédez and the Art of the Still Life”

“Angel Ramiro Sanchez”

“Paul Schulenburg and Roger Watt”

“Daniel Sprick’s Fictions: Flesh, Bone, and Paint”

Colors: Passages through Art, Asia and Nature by Sarah Sutro”

Robert Vickery: The Magic of Realism by Philip Eliasoph”

“The Sacred Art of Anthony Visco”

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